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Breeder of Puppy Culture Raised Papillons & Phalenes

What is Puppy Culture?

Puppy Culture is a program designed to give puppies the best start in life. It is a program that is started from day 1 with Early Neurological Stimulation. This program works on shaping your puppy to be able to confidently tackle any obstacle they encounter in life "The proof is in the puppies".

Why a puppy raised with Puppy Culture?

Puppies raised with the Puppy Culture program are more confident, outgoing, and friendly. Puppies from this program have already worked on key life skills such as leash walking and toilet training. They have also worked on many other skills including but not limited to; crate training, recall, resource guarding, separation anxiety, bath time.

Videos of Our Puppy Culture Papillon & Phalene Puppies

Walking on a lead at 6 weeks old

Hair dryer isn't scary to me!

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