Stud Dog Package 


We use Cytology on our bitches at Torthorwald Papillons & Phalenes UK. Cytology is using cells to see when your bitch is most fertile. We offer Cytology to anyone using one of our stud dogs. 

Cells at the start of heat

The cells begin to start changing shape from round to irregular shapes but at this stage still have dots in the centre of the cells. At this point, cells aren't overlapping. 

Cells when ready

Cells when ready to mate look like cornflakes. They now overlap each other and the dot in the middle of the cell disappears or becomes faint.  

Cells coming out of heat

Cells are now starting to change back into circle shapes and stay side to side with no or little overlapping. They also get the centre dot back in the cell again. 

Semen Analysis 

We offer a Semen Analysis with every mating. It is important to analysis semen before every mating as even if a stud is proven he can develop an infection killing all his sperm. 

Artificial Insemination (AI)

We offer our stud dogs at AI ONLY. This allows for semen to be shipped anywhere in the world. It also prevents STD's such as brucellosis. It is much safer and less stressful for the female. AI has a higher rate of success than natural matings and allows for semen analysis.

Advertising Photos 

We offer advertisement photos of your bitch and our stud for the advertisement of your litter.

We are here to help you every step of the way from cytology to any questions regarding bringing up your new puppies in the best way possible. 



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