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New Puppy Supplies Checklist

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

So, you have finally found your dream furry friend! and you pick them up next month! BUT you have no idea what they need and what is just a waste of money.

We have made a list of supplies we have found useful for our new puppies.

Here is a list of recommendations:

- Ceramic food and water bowl we love the Mason Cash ones.

- Dog food. We use and love Fish4Dogs. Remember if the puppy is a smaller breed to buy small breed kibble.

- A Collar we love Red Dingo

- Name tag a legal requirement in the UK you can be fined up to £5000

- Blankets/bedding We prefer the use of blankets during the teething time.

- Crate Make sure the dog can stand up and turn around without hitting the sides. Can be helpful to buy a crate divider to prevent the full-size crate being too big for the puppy.

- Lead

- Toys Nylabone is perfect for teething along with plenty of other toys.

- Food puzzles such as; Kong, Lickimat, Snuffle mat...

- Poo Bags - LOTS! Our favourite is Beco.

- Dog disinfectant Here is a handy little spray for new puppy owners. This will be sure to clean away the smell and prevent the puppy from going to the same place again.

- High-quality kitchen roll (for accidents)

- Travel carrier/Seatbelt Make sure however you travel from day 1 the puppy is safe.

- Tooth Brush and Toothpaste This is a perfect starter kit with a flavour the puppies love making the whole process an enjoyable experience.

- Shampoo Here is some puppy shampoo to get you started. Lots of baths will be required from stepping in puppy accidents.

- Nail trimmer Can be a clipper or a nail grinder.

- Brush Ask the breeder for recommendations on breed-specific brushes.

- Puppy Training Book

Things we avoid:

- Puppy pads. We find any of our puppies who have been puppy pad trained end up confusing rugs as pee pads. Put the puppy pads in the bin and teach the puppy where its toilet will be from day 1 (The only exception is if you want your puppy to go on puppy pads for a lifetime).

- Harnesses wait till you can measure your puppy as chances of it fitting without are slim. Remember the puppy will grow lots and the first harness won't last their lifetime.

- Silver or plastic food dishes as although rate these can cause a reaction in some dogs that causes balding around their mouth. Always best to spend that bit extra and buy two good ceramic ones.

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