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Food Puzzles to Enrich Bored Puppies and Dogs

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Whether your new puppy is bored when you go to work or your dog needs crate rest after being injured, food puzzles are excellent boredom busters.

There are many reasons to use food puzzles with your dog. A common reason being they are eating their food far too fast. Another reason can be you are out at work all day only to get home to a chewed sofa with foam everywhere!

We recommend food puzzles to all owners. We also advise the use of food puzzles twice a week at feeding time to keep things interesting for your fur friend.

Here are the top 5 food puzzles we recommend:

1) KONG - An excellent food puzzle to leave your puppy/dog with when you are out of the house. You can use KONG's pre-made fillers if you are in a rush or make your own. Once empty pop it in the dishwasher.

2) Licki Mat - The perfect food puzzle for calming puppies/dogs with separation anxiety. Fill them up with cream cheese, sausages, anything that is your fur friends favourite treat.

3) Dog Tornado Puzzle by Outward Hound - This is a perfect puzzle for dogs/puppies who eat their food far too fast. You can fill each compartment with kibble and even put a special treat or two in - such as a sprat.

4) Ballistic Hide 'n Treat by KONG - A treat toy for ball lovers.

5) Snuffle Mat - Another perfect feeder for dogs/puppies who eat too fast.

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