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Dos & Don'ts This Christmas Dinner With Your Dog's

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Christmas is a holiday many celebrate across the globe. Food is one of the main parts too many peoples Christmas days. If you have a dog or a new puppy you might be tempted to give them the leftovers of Christmas dinner STOP! Many parts of your Christmas dinner are toxic to your dog.

What can your dog NOT eat?

- Onions are HIGHLY toxic to dogs!

- Chocolate

- Garlic

- Leeks

- Shallots

- Chives

- Grapes

- Currants

- Raisins

- Sultanas

- Alcohol

- Cooked Bones

- Fruits with stones

- Nuts

- Pigs in blankets

Also, be aware of the toxic ingredients in things like Stuffing and Gravy.

How should you celebrate Christmas with your dog?

Puzzle toys with your dog's food inside is a fantastic way to keep your pet safe. Dog treats bought from a pet store are another way for your pet to celebrate with you. Beware of anything RAWHIDE do NOT buy anything with this word on the packet.

Remember to google the ingredients to check it is safe for your dog and if in doubt be safe and don't feed your dog it.

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