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Comino 2022 Puppy info


Mum Comino an active papillon who's puppies are best suited to active homes; agility, trick training, lovers of long walks, etc. 

Comino is super smart and picks up new training fast. 

This will be Cominos second litter.

Dads - 2 potential 

Nando and Decaf

Nando a phalene also dad of previous litter

Nando (left) and Decaf (right) - Comino and nando's puppy. 


Opal a tri papillon from Russia would be his first litter.

This may be obvious when puppies are born as dads look quite different but it may require DNA done around 8 weeks of age before applying for the puppies Kennel Club certificates. Both boys are similar in temperament and are fantastic matches to Comino. Both boys Pap-PRA 1, NAD, vWD1, FVII CLEAR.

Decaf - Nando x Comino

Comino 4 weeks pregnant

Comino 4-5 weeks pregnant 

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